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Getting a Diagnosis

You might have waited a long time to get a diagnosis and once you’ve got it you may be worried about what happens next. 

Your doctor or social worker can help you get a diagnosis for your child if they've got special educational needs or disabilities and should be able to offer you advice and support about what to do next. 

In some cases there is a long waiting period before you get test results or appointments with specialists and you might feel like you’ve been forgotten. Don't be afraid to get back in touch with your doctor's surgery or social worker and ask for an update. 

There are lots of other sources of help and information available to you online and the Local Offer will help you find them and get in touch with people who can explain what happens once your child’s got their diagnosis. 

You might also want to do some research on your own to help you prepare for the future, and help you explain to your child what their diagnosis means for them. 

You might also find it helpful to read about other Parents Journey's.

The NHS Choices website has useful information about living with a diagnosis in relation to a range of learning disabilities.