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Information for children and young people about the HAF programme

Are you between 5 and 16 years old and keen to get out and be active in the summer holiday?

If you get free school meals there will be lots of free things to do over the summer that will help you to get out and make friends, including outdoor activities, football, table tennis, arts and crafts, dance and much more..! 

What to do if you want to get involved

  1. see what activities are available near you - we'll be updating this information before the summer holiday so keep on checking back
  2. speak to your parent/carer about taking part – you’ll need their permission!
  3. ask your parent/carer to contact the activity provider to find out more and to book a place. If your favourite activity provider is not listed ask your parent/carer to see if they would be interested in are offering holiday activities and food programme (HAF) places and encourage them to look at these web pages!