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Out of School Clubs

An Out of School Club is any Ofsted registered sessional activity that takes place outside of school hours or during school holidays for children aged 5 to 14 years. Out of School Clubs include breakfast clubs, after school clubs and holiday schemes.

Some privately run clubs not based on school premises will do school pick ups and drop offs. Check individual directory records for further information. 

Other unregistered activities are available for school age children, including homework clubs, sports and art sessions.  See the activities section of the Family Information Directory for further information.

Youth Clubs also offer term time activities for 11-19 year olds. 

What do out of school clubs offer?

Out of school clubs give children the opportunity to take part in a range of activities, including crafts, learning and sports.


Registering with a club

When you register your child with a club you'll need to provide contact details and information about any illnesses, special educational needs/disabilities or allergies your child may have.

Can my child attend a club at a school they don't attend?

Some out of school clubs are privately run on school premises, whilst others are run directly by the school.

For those run directly by schools, look at their individual record on the directory to see if they offer places to pupils outside of the school.

Ofsted registration

Schools and childcare providers who offer out of school clubs will be registered with Ofsted on the Early Years, Childcare or Voluntary Childcare Register.

Some activity groups, homework clubs and sports and arts groups are not registered and parents and carers should check with each individual club whether staff have undergone Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Staffing ratio's

For Ofsted registered clubs the staffing ratio is one adult to every eight children, with a minimum of two staff required to be available at any one time.

Day trips and outings

Some holiday Schemes offer day trips and local outings. Arrangements for transporting children need to be carefully planned, and where necessary additional staff recruited to ensure safety. This is particularly important for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Parental consent must be obtained before trips or outings take place.

Support for children and young people with SEND

Some out of school provision is run exclusively for children and young people with Special Educacational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  Much of this is available through the Short Breaks programme. Details of the Short Breaks service and activities avaiable through the scheme can be found here

Out of school clubs are required to offer inclusive provision. Please contact providers for information on the support provided for children with SEND.  

Further help

If you need help finding out of school provision for your child, the Family Information Service can help.

Call us on 01202 261970 or email