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How to get a wheelchair or scooter

Information on how to get a wheelchair or scooter. 

Wheelchairs from the NHS

You may be able to get a wheelchair from the Dorset Wheelchair Service (NHS) if you:

  • have a permanent impairment
  • have a medical condition that will last more than 6 months
  • are unable to walk properly
  • are terminally ill

Your doctor or another health professional can refer you to the service and you will be assessed to see if you're eligible. The service will then give you any equipment they think you need.

If you do not want an NHS wheelchair you can have a voucher instead. You can then use this to buy any wheelchair. 

The service can also provide support with posture and repair NHS wheelchairs.

Leasing a scooter or powered wheelchair

If you get a mobility allowance, you could lease a mobility vehicle from Motability. This includes a scooter, powered wheelchair or a car. To do so you must be getting one of the following:

Other organisations that can help

If you can't get the mobility equipment you need from the NHS, Whizz-Kids might be able to help.

The Dorset Children's Foundation also provide mobility equipment not provided by the NHS.