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You said, We did

Your views are important to us and we welcome your feedback on how we can improve services and information for families.  

You don't need to be a lone voice. There are a number of local forums and groups you can join or feed into to share your views, meet others and be heard. 

Give us your feedback - We're always developing the Local Offer to make sure it has the information you need and that it's easy to find and welcome your feedback. Contact us at ,call us on 01202 093131 or complete the feedback form.

We'll keep this section updated with details of feedback and what we've done. 

Time to Talk sessions

4 Time to Talk sessions were held between June 2018 and July 2019. The sessions were attended by parents, carers and young people and BCP Council SEND senior managers, SEND teams and health colleagues. 

Click on the links below for further information on topics covered and responses to feedback received at the sessions.  

June 2018 

November 2018 - 'The Role of the SENCO'. 

March 2019 - `EHCPs, the role of Health and the Graduated Response'.

July 2019 - 'Transition to Adulthood'. 

Development of the Preparing for Adulthood section of the Local Offer

The Preparing for Adulthood section of the Local Offer has been developed in partnership with parents, carers and young people.  

In November 2018 a workshop was held with members of the Learning Disability Partnership Board to hear their views on what information needed to be included. Lots of feedback was given including useful websites and details of services that help young people. The ideas were written down and used when the section was built. 

A number of other parents and carers and young people were spoken to to find out what information they need to help them prepare for adult life and how they want it presented on a website. This included young people from the Chatterboxes Youth Group and SPACE LGBTQ Youth Project. Here is a summary of responses

SEND survey - August 2019

A SEND survey was conducted in August 2019. 160 people responded. See the summary of comments and our responses here

Feedback used to develop the BCP Council SEND Local Offer

Prior to the formation of BCP Council in April 2019, feedback had been given on the separate Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset (Christchurch) Local Offers. This was used when developing the new BCP Council Local Offer. A summary of feedback and responses can be seen below. 

Feedback about website layout

Bournemouth You Said

“Too many words, Too wordy”

“I find the website difficult to use”

“The Layout is confusing”

The Bournemouth Local Offer Web pages are too complex, difficult for everyone to navigate and not Youth Friendly.

Christchurch (Dorset) You Said

We find it difficult to locate information.

The amount of information can be overwhelming, so it’s difficult to find the most relevant information to meet my family’s needs.

Poole You Said

We want the Local Offer to be a clear and transparent space.

We don’t know where to go for SEND information.


We did

A ‘tiles’ format is being used to help people find information more easily. This format has been used on the Home Page of the Local Offer and a number of other sections, such as the Preparing for Adulthood section. We are working on the other sections currently, so that they can all be presented in the same way.

Young people asked for video's to be included as an alternative to written information. This has been done for the Preparing for Adulthood section. 

On the Poole Local Offer people were able to search for information by age or subject area. Setting the website up in this way meant that information was often duplicated on several pages. The tile format avoids this duplication.  

We have reduced the number of web pages on the Local Offer, merging several pages into one where possible to make information easier to find and digest.

We have shortened sentences, reduced the number of words and used simpler language on our pages. 

The Poole Local Offer had a lot of health information  which was a duplication of information on the NHS website. We have removed a lot of this duplication and  replaced it with links straight to the NHS website. 

To make information easier to read (on a desk top and a mobile) we have used ‘ribbons’ (expandable sections) on web pages to split information into sub-headings. 

Key word search terms have been updated to make it easier for people to find the information they need.

Marketing has been done to increase awareness of the Local Offer. We have sent leaflets to education and health settings, attended parent/carer events and Time to Talk events and SENCO forums. This work is ongoing as many parents and carers of children with SEND and professionals still don’t know about the Local Offer.

When BCP Council was formed information on services in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole was brought together into the BCP Council SEND Local Offer. 

Feedback about Preparing for Adulthood

Bournemouth You Said

“More guidance and info about support for children growing into adult care”

Christchurch (Dorset) You Said

We want to know what support is available to prepare teenagers for becoming adults. Particularly education and work

I want more information on finding specialist colleges for education from 16 years old onwards. I struggled to find specialist schools for young people aged 16+ with complex needs.

I want to know about what happens after my child is 18 years old. Looking for employment opportunities and adult social care.

Poole You Said

We need a clear post-16 Local Offer area providing information on Preparation for adulthood


We did

A lot of work has been put into creating the Preparing for Adulthood section of the Local Offer.

The section now includes information on moving into adult services, learning and training and working and getting a job.

In July 2019 a 'Transition to Adulthood' Time to Talk event was held. Representatives from health and social care attended and gave information and answered questions from parents and carers.

Several Preparing for Adulthood information sessions were held in early 2020. These gave parents/carers and young people the opportunity to meet on a one to one basis with the Preparing for Adulthood Co-Ordinator, a member of the Preparing for Adulthood team and the Local Offer manager. The sessions were popular and families found them very useful. We plan to continue to offer these.

Other feedback received

Bournemouth You Said

“It doesn't mention or provide advice about the facilities or access to support disability living allowance”

“Clear information on respite care would be good

“How can we get support from CSC/ Early Help/CAMHS?”

More information on Children’s activities for different ages and abilities.

Christchurch (Dorset) You Said

The information we find most difficult to find is:

Financial Support




Education is the most important information we need.

Poole You Said

It was difficult to find out how early year providers and schools would cater for my child’s specific needs.

There aren't many Poole venues where we can use our max card.

We Did

We have created a Money Matters section on the Local Offer. This includes an information page which brings together a range of information on benefits and finance for children and young people with SEND. This includes information on Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments.

We have also created a page showing information on grants for children and young people with SEND.

There is also a Money and Benefits area in the Preparing for Adulthood section.

The Short Breaks information on the Local Offer is currently under development and being updated. Respite Care information will be reviewed.

Children’s Occupational Therapy information has recently been updated.

We have created a crisis and early help support services page on the Local Offer.

On the health page of the Local Offer we have a link to information on the CAMHS service.

A Graduated Response and EHCPs tile has been built on the home page of the Local Offer.

We also have a section on activities and short breaks that can be reached from the home page of the Local Offer. In the activities section we have provided clear links to activities for different age groups.

We have links to childcare and education information on the home page of the Local Offer and are currently developing those sections to make the information contained within them easier to find.

Provision for children and young people with SEND is shown on school and early years provider directory records in the SEND Local Offer section. Where possible we have linked directly to the school or early years provider website so that as they update their SEND provision information, visitors to the Local Offer are taken to the most up to date version.

The Family Information Service is working closely with max card to increase participating venues in the Poole area. We asked members for ideas on where they wanted to use their card and provided a list of suggested venues to the max card team to follow up. They are actively working to increase the venues in the area so keep checking their website for updates. Please continue to feedback any other suggestions to us so we can pass them on. 

Feedback received April 2019 to June 2020

The feedback summarised below has come from a variety of sources:

  • meetings with representatives from Parent Carers Together and Parent Carer Foundation
  • attendance at parent/carer events, including Portage Stay and Play sessions (June 2019)
  • an invitation for parents/carers to let us know what needs to be included on the Local Offer via a survey (December 2019)

 You Said

 We did / what is being done

Comments on layout and design 

  • Need more separation between the FID and the Local Offer as it’s confusing having them together.  
  • Incorporate information currently in related information, useful websites and downloads sections into the tiles to make the look and feel simpler (maybe just keep key information separate if necessary).
  • Under subject area ‘tiles’, use a ‘ribbons’/sub-headings format for information to simplify.     
  • Build in ‘sideways links’ from one area of the Local Offer to another.
  • Better links needed between information for education, health and social care.
  • Use Communicate in Print symbols for the Local Offer icons.
  • Use dyslexia friendly colours.
  • Link to NHS information.  
  • Information pages for children would be good.
  • Use bullet points and short sentences. Don’t give too much information or choices
  • Use images and video’s.
  • Use simple information headings and sub-headings.
  • Use FAQ’s



  • We are exploring ways to create more distinction between the Local Offer and the Family Information Directory and will update this page with progress.
  • As we are developing the Local Offer and moving to ‘tiles’ for different sections we are removing related information from the right hand side of the page and incorporating it into main body text through hyperlinks.
  • We are using ‘ribbons’ (sub-sections) to simplify information on web pages. 
  • Where relevant we are making links from one section of the Local Offer to another.  
  • We are developing our health, social care and education sections and will include relevant links from one section to another as we do this.
  • We have investigated the use of Communicate in Print symbols for the Local Offer home page. Because we would have needed several symbols to represent one tile icon we have decided to keep the current images for now.
  • We have reviewed colours used on the FID and Local Offer. Some are not currently meeting accessibility requirements, so we will get these changed.
  • We are linking to information on the NHS website from many pages on the Local Offer.
  • We do not currently have content designed specifically for children but we have used feedback from young people about how they want information presented for the Preparing for Adulthood section.
  • We are reviewing information on the Local Offer. We are simplifying language and shortening content, where possible, to make the information easier to digest. We have removed unnecessary information.
  • The Preparing for Adulthood section has a number of explanatory videos within it. This is something we will extend throughout the Local Offer. We will also explore further use of images.
  • The use of FAQs is not generally recommended as good practice, but where it is useful to present information in this way we have. In recent editions of SEND News we have provided responses to questions from parents and carers.  

Graduated Response and SEND support Feedback

  • Make it clear that an EHCP will only be considered once support through the Graduated Response has been followed. 
  • SEND support in school would be a better title for the graduated response section.
  • Parent friendly version of the graduated response needed.
  • Information needed on what support you should expect from a mainstream school for mild special needs. Parents need to know:  
  • Who decides on the level of support my child will get?
  • What are the criteria?
  • How do I get support?
  • Link to the Graduated Response from the Development and Behaviour Pathway page. 
  • Useful for parents to know which Dorset schools are following the BCP Council  Graduated Response.  
  • A `does my child need an EHCP flowchart’ would be useful.
  • A step by step guide to EHCPs would be useful.



  • We have changed the EHCP section title to ‘Graduated Response and EHCPs’ and have explained on the opening EHCP information page that only a small percentage of children and young people will need an EHCP and that a Graduated Response is followed.
  • We are currently working on our school and education information and will consider how best to present information on SEND support alongside the EHCP information.
  • Parent Carer Foundation have started work on a parent friendly guide to the Graduated Response. This has been shared with the SEND Co-Production working group for comments. The Co- Production action plan has a section devoted to raising awareness and understanding of the Graduated Response with parents and carers. When parent friendly information is finalised we will display it on the Local Offer. 
  • We have developed an overarching Graduated Response information page to bring all 3 age related documents together.
  • We have linked to the Graduated Response information from the Development and Behaviour Pathway page. We have also linked to Graduated Response information and Development and Behaviour Pathway information from the ASD information page.


Development and Behaviour Pathway information feedback 

  • Suggest Development and Behaviour Pathway information is linked to information about social care assessment.



  • This needs to be discussed and actioned. The CCG are currently collating information on agencies and services offering support for families, to support the Behaviour and Development Pathway information. We will include this on the Local Offer when it is finished.   

Parent Journeys feedback 

  • Parent Journeys are very useful but difficult to find. Request to link them to the following keyword search terms - Case Studies and Local Case Studies as these are terms people might be more likely to use.  
  • Links to parent journeys be put on the Add On News page (now called SEND News). 


  • Keyword searches were changed so parent journey’s can be found when the following words are typed into the keyword search bar: 
    • Add on
    • Case Studies
    • Case Study
    • Local Case Studies
    • Local Case Study
  • Parent Journeys added to the SEND Newsletters page. 

Early Help information feedback 

  • Early Help information may be difficult to find by that name as it’s a term families are not familiar with. Better terms to use are `family in crisis’ or ‘child in crisis’. 
  • Need clarification on who to contact for help out of hours and information on who people should go to if they have a crisis.  
  • Need basic triage information.


  • Keyword searches were changed so Early Help information can now be found if you type in:
  • help
  • families in crisis
  • crisis
  • family in crisis
    • Early Help information has been developed and clearly shows who to contact out of hours. The page has information covering a range of issues and how to get help.

Collaboration/Co-Production feedback 

  • It needs to be clearer on the Local Offer what we mean by collaboration.  
  • Suggestion that Communication in Print symbols are used to explain the term. 
  • Suggestion that it would be good to put information in BCP News about collaboration.



  • The Co-Production Working Groups definition of co-production has been highlighted here.
  • An outline of the work of the SEND Co-Production Working Group has been shared on the Local Offer.
  • It has been agreed that young people will develop a co-production leaflet, so inclusion of Communication in Print symbols could be considered in this piece of work.
  • We will explore ways of informing people of the work of the co-production group.  

Schools information feedback

  • Would like a list of schools in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and details of their SEND capabilities/support provided for children and young people with SEND, including how many SEND students they have. 
  • Would like a list of mainstream schools in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole that have an ASD or SEND unit/base.
  • Suggestion that all schools make reference to the Graduated Response on their SEND report and website and have posters and leaflets about the Graduated Response and the Local Offer.
  • SENCo’s need to know what is being done to develop the Local Offer.  
  • Information needed regarding school exclusions. Need to know:what to do if your child is excluded, what the school should be doing if a child is excluded, what to do if your child can’t attend school for medical reasons and what the law is on this.
  • Video’s to accompany this would be good.
  • Would be useful to have factsheets from SENDIass on the Local Offer – eg information about exclusions.
  • Need reference to parent rights around annual review.  
  • Need information on transitions from early years to school and from primary to secondary school as these times are a big worry for parents.
  • Asked if we could we have a list of SENCO’s as it would be useful if the parent could talk to the SENCO when they are choosing a new school.
  • Alternative provision to be visible
  • If a school isn't listening to a parent what should they do? What is the escalation process? Who decides what support they get?



  • The Local Offer has details of all schools in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, with either their SEND Local Offer information uploaded as a document or a link to the SEND section on their website. Further discussion is needed about how this information could be developed to give more information on SEND capabilities. 
  • The Local Offer co-ordinator has asked if there is a list of mainstream schools with an ASD or SEND unit or base.
  • The Local Offer co-ordinator did a presentation at the SEND forum for SENCos in March 2020 to talk about the Local Offer. At the session all attendees were asked to put links to the BCP Council Local Offer on their websites/SEND information. A talk on the Local Offer was also given in March 2019
  • We will use the schools newsletter to give further updates about the Local Offer.
  • When we were Borough of Poole all Poole schools were sent Local Offer leaflets. We are planning a BCP Council Local Offer marketing campaign and will send all education settings Local Offer leaflets and posters.  
  • We have updated our exclusions page by linking to further guidance on the SENDiass website.
  • We will review SENDiass factsheets and link to them from relevant parts of the Local Offer.
  • EHCP Review information has been updated to include links to IPSEA and SENDiass support and rights information.
  • We are developing the transition information on the Local Offer and will update this table when it has been completed..
  • Our Alternative Provision information will be updated in September 2020.
  • We have included a link to a SENDiass factsheet on this page and have added to the information to show that parents can also speak with the Chair of Governors or the SEND Governor.  

Other feedback

  • Parents said it would be good to have training around self harm and what to do


Activities feedback

  • Would like information about football teams and clubs running locally for children and young people with SEND.
  • Want information on things to do for people in wheelchairs.
  • Would like information on activities to do at home with your child
  • Break activities down into different age groups. Need information on what things are age specific
  • Want information on social activities for children with SEND.
  • Want information on summer holiday activities.
  • Want information on parent groups and forums for opportunities to talk to others.
  • Would like information on Saturday clubs for meeting other families.
  • Need information on activities spread across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.


  • We have developed the activities section of the Local Offer to make it easier to find different types of activities. We’ve also added ‘tiles’ for different age groups to make it easier for people to search for age relevant activities. We’re currently updating age information on all of our records to ensure that where an activity is age relevant it is clearly shown.  
  • We have developed the directory to include activities across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and encourage people to tell us about anything we don’t currently have listed that they’d like added.
  • We have added additional records for football clubs and sessions for children and young people with SEND, but need to check if we have captured them all.
  • The Local Offer includes information on activities for people in wheelchairs and we have a ‘Wheelchair Accessible’ filter that can be used when searching for activities.
  • In response to COVID-19 we have brought together information on things to do with your child at home. This includes activities for pre-school age children from the Portage Service and our Children’s Centres. We also have information on educational resources to support children and young people with SEND and a range of other activities that can be done from home.
  • Our Information, Advice and Support section has details of support groups and Parent/Carer forums.
  • Preparing for Adulthood information feedback
  • Parents not sure if Ansbury is funded by BCP council. Clarification needed. If it is not available locally parents need to know what happens in our local authority area.
  • Would like to know how the Job Centre can help people with Aspergers.
  • Can we add information on the careers advice section about job coaches and personal assistants and use of direct payments to employ a support worker or job coach to attend work experience, prepare for work and support with job interviews.
  • Suggestion we add to the work experience section to explain that work experience provides people with the opportunity to find out more about a job and enable them to experience it so they can decide if it’s something they would like to do long term and be paid for. Many employers also provide work experience placements with a reference on request following the sessions which is very useful when applying for work. 


  • Our Ansbury directory record was recently reviewed and updated.
  • We have been given information by the Job Centre About how they support clients with Aspergers. We will put this on the Local Offer.
  • We will review and update the careers advice information on the Local Offer.






Diagnosis information feedback

  • Information needed about diagnosis to help people know what to expect and the path parents need to follow if it is felt a child or young person needs an assessment.
  • Would be useful to have the parents voice to hear from what others have done.
  • Information requested on what people can do whilst waiting for a diagnosis or an EHCP. 
  • Would be helpful to have information about what to expect at the first visit to the CDC, such as there is an assessment from multiple professionals at the same time. 


  • We have developed our ASD information to include information on what to do if your child needs an assessment.
  • We have linked to Parent Journey’s from our diagnosis information.
  • We will review how our diagnosis information could be further developed to better meet the needs of parents and will update on this page.

Finance information feedback

  • Need information on grants for people to access activities.
  • Need information on funding.



Learning and training information feedback

  • Would be good to make it clear on the Local Offer that young people might not be accessing education 5 days a week.
  • Parents need to be aware of this, so they can think about other activities such as volunteering for the days they are not in education.
  • Parents need to think about travel time too. For example, if their child is at Kingston Maurwood College it will mean an early start.
  • Request that sports academies be included within qualifications information – eg local football clubs offering play and study vocational qualifications/programmes. 


  • We will add this information to the Local Offer.

Travel information feedback

  • Useful to have information about Airport accessibility and special assistance on the Local Offer. 


  • We will add this information to the Local Offer.

SEND News and social media feedback

  • Requested a ‘tell us what you think and what do you want to hear about section’ to SEND News.
  • Asked if we could have a SEND Facebook group.


  • This has been added as a standing item to the end of each SEND Newsletter.
  • The Comms team have discussed the idea of having a SEND specific Facebook group. Because we already have 2 families Facebook accounts – one for early years families and one for families with older children, we feel it is best to continue to use and develop those channels for SEND information. The Portage team and the Educational Psychology Service are currently exploring use of Facebook which would enhance the SEND aspect of our social media.