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Butcher, Ms Jennifer

My name is Jennie. I live in Creekmoor with my partner and our two daughters age 19 and 11 and our 2 friendly cats. And our playful puppy dog Lula. I offer a warm, safe, home from home environment, where I encourage learning through activities that are fun and enjoyable for all children. We enjoy visits outside to allow the children to explore and learn from the natural environment that we are so lucky to live around. Some of my regular planned outings include childminder drop-ins, toddler groups, Children''s Centres, parks, soft play areas, beaches, Moors Valley, libraries, farms etc. At home we also do painting, play-dough, arts and crafts, books and puzzles, dressing up and cooking. The children have access to a large range of toys and I have a garden which the children can use to play. After working in a pre-school I decided that I missed childminding and made the decision to return to what I love most. I aim to be as flexible as possible with the service I offer so please feel free to contact me with any enquiries. I offer the government funded 15 and 30 hours free childcare for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. I can also take the new government tax free payment scheme and childcare vouchers. I have training in: first aid, safeguarding, SEND and behaviour management.
BH17 7XA
07955 008267
07955 008267
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Eligible to take 2, 3 & 4 Year Old Entitlement
Outdoor Play Area/Garden
Separate Sleeping Area
Quiet area
Visits and Outings
Times Available:
Monday 07:30-17:30
Tuesday 07:30-17:30
Wednesday 07:30-17:30
Thursday 07:30-17:30
Friday 07:30-17:30
All Year Round
From 0 years  0 months to 8 years  0 months.
Contact provider directly for costs
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Please send your child with a lunchbox and a couple of snacks for the day.
Immediate Vacancies
Vacancy Information:
As of April 2022 I have a space Wednesday Thursday.  I am able to take siblings so your children can stay together. 
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Heatherlands Primary School
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I will do my best to accommodate for dietary requirements, please contact me to discuss.
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SEN and Disabilities Service Description

What systems and strategies do you have in place to identify children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)? 

I have completed SEND training and also behaviour management training, so am aware of helping identify children who may have additional needs. I monitor children’s development using the Early ears Foundation Stage and if a child isn’t following the expected path of development I will bring it to the attention of the child’s parent/carer. We will work together to held the child move forwards. If additional support is needed I will contact the SEND team within the Childcare department of BCP Council and will refer the child for extra support. If a parent feels their child may have any special needs they will be invited to talk to me and we will look at the child’s development tracker to see if the child is developing typically. If not I will also follow the advice of the BCP Council’s childcare teams advice and contact the Early Years Advisory Team (ELIT).

How will you support my child? How will you communicate effectively with me? 

I will work together with the child’s parents to put together purposeful planning to help a child with SEND, working alongside with any additional support from the ELAT (to advice on what support is the best option for the child and to be a first point of contact) physiotherapist (to help with the physical need of the child), occupational therapist (to help support the child in everyday living needs) etc. each person having their own specialised role that when working together the child will receive great support. I will offer regular meeting to discuss progress with the child’s parent/carers. 

How will the teaching and learning be matched to my child’s needs?                 

Once an Individual Education Plan (IEP) has been made for a child it will offer a good clear picture of where a child needs extra support and then adaptations/ small achievable steps can be made so the child is able to achieve positive outcomes. 

How will you know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?  

I will monitor the children’s progress regularly using the EYFS and a tracker. I add all WOW moments and observation of the child into the child’s learning journal which is sent home on a regular basis for parents to have the opportunity to see their child progress and also their planned next steps. Once the journal has been viewed I invite the parents to have a talk and offer feedback. This is a good opportunity to have an “update” chat on the parents feeling of the child’s progress and my planning for them and also to discuss updated information from any other agencies who may be involved with the child, eg speech therapy, physio etc. I will send parents any copies of documents I feel may be good for them, ie “Foundation Years. What to expect, when” I will add notes to the child daily diary of any activities that I feel would benefit the child to do at home with parents and this will enable parents to help support the child’s learning at home.  

What support will you provide for my child’s overall wellbeing?  

I will ensure all the physical needs of the child are met including giving any medication (following my medication policy) All children are praised and encouraged for any and all effort made by them to achieve something, no matter how small. This will help them feel proud of themselves, boosting self-esteem and confidence. All of this will help the child with a sense if belonging within my setting.  If I child has any communication difficulties I will work with other agencies (occupational therapists etc) to create a visual guide to enable the child to express their own feelings and wishes. Children able to communicate well will be talked to and asked views and feelings whilst at my setting and I will where possible follow their wishes. 

What specialist services and expertise are available? 

I hold a level 3 diploma in childcare and have completed a 10 week SEND course. If a child is identified as needing extra support there is a large network of specialist advice and expertise available, these include: your health visitor, support from the Children’s centre, Educational Psychologists, Speech and language therapists, Physio therapists, Occupational therapist and the local Early Years Inclusion Team (ELIT). Parents will be kept well informed and included in the whole process and the views of both the child and parent/carer will be taken into account and listened to. 

What training do you have or are you receiving to support children with SEND?  

If I require any specialised training for a child with extra needs I will contact my local ELIT team who will inform me of the relevant specialists to contact to access the training I need. I will ensure that I keep up-to-date wit this by liaising with the parents of the child and the relevant specialists e.g. Physio therapist for exercises etc.. 

How will you include my child in activities outside the setting, including trips? 

I ensure children of any abilities are offered the same chance and choice of activities by following my Equal opportunities and diversity policy.  Sometimes this may mean adapting an activity to suit a particular child’s needs, for example moving things onto the floor so they can be accessed easily or provide specialist equipment recommended by the Occupational therapist to help a child in everyday tasks. Most importantly each child is valued and praised for their own individual effort made to achieve things.  I always risk assess my activities and trips out to ensure the safety for the children and these are regularly reviewed and updated as needed. I offer regular meeting with parents to discuss a child’s needs and to have an “update “meeting so we can all ensure we are all aware of what each specialist are working towards with a child. 

How accessible and welcoming is your setting?  

I am very welcoming with people and feel that anyone would be happy to approach me at any time to talk about their child. If drop off/pick up is not convenient I am happy to arrange a suitable time for a talk this could be another day/time or even a phone call if preferred.  If somebody speaks another language I will try my best to find a good way to clearly communicate with them, this could include picture prompts and home language words or sign language (which I would seek training for) a computer translator for the may help until a enough communication is achieved. If I still need further support I will contact the Childcare team at BCP to seek assistance. I live in a detached house with my childminding space being the ground floor and cots being used upstairs for sleeping babies. The house is all on level and has room for physically impaired children to move freely (a wheelchair could be pushed around) I have a few small steps to access my garden so if a child was in a wheelchair I would need to get some ramps to enable them to have access outside. I do not have any disabled changing facilities for children, I use a changing mat and work with parents and child’s views on where to change them. I have a large, bright, naturally lit playroom for children to play in with a range of toys to stimulate them, for children who need a calm quiet space I offer a cosy book corner or a pop up tent they can go into and make their own private space, or we take a chosen toy/activity into my lounge where it is quitter and calmer and much more homely environment.   

How will you prepare and support my child to join the setting or to transfer to another setting/school?  

When a child with SEND starts at my setting I will talk with the child’s parents to see what, if any, items/equipment is needed to help the child settle in and have access to all activities etc. then contact the relevant person within the BCP Council to seek support. With everyone working together I should have a clear picture of what is needed to support the child and can, with parents help, put together an individual plan to meet the needs of the child.  When a child moves onto another setting or school I will again, keeping parents in the picture, contact all involved agencies to ensure up to date information is shared and will contact the new carer/setting I will with parent’s consent pass over the child’s learning journal, tracker and individual planning to the new setting so they also are aware of the child needs and current development level. We will also work on/roll play with the child on the new setting by playing “lets go to pre-school/ school” so it is fun for the child and not scary. I will where possible arrange for a few visits to the new setting with either myself or the child’s parents so they have plenty of time to get used to the new environment. 

How much support will my child receive and how are decisions made?  

I base my knowledge of a child’s development on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) if a child falls significantly below the expected progress of development I will record this on their tracker and firstly tailor my planning onto the area causing concern. Parents will have free access to eh journal/tracker and planed progress steps and I will ask them to work alongside me (including doing small planned activities at home) to help.  If there is not suitable results I will invite the child’s parents to speak with me to discuss my concerns and to seek permission to contact the relevant member of the childcare tem to come out to my setting and observe the child at play. If all parties feel a referral is needed then this will be completed and the other agencies will assess what is best needed to progress the child in their health and learning. All agencies working together will have a good strong impact on a child’s life opportunities, with the child’s and parent’s wishes always being of most importance. 

Who can I contact for further information about my child?  

Parents are always he main educator in a child’s life as they know their child best. If you feel your child may have any send issues or are concerned about their development then the child’s main EYFS setting is the first person to contact. I will be able to sit down with you and together we can look at the learning journal and trackers to see if I think there are any delays. If there are I will inform you and seek permission to contact support.  

If your child has a known disability then you will be already working with the range of experts and will have plenty of opportunities to discuss things at checks. If at any point you are unsure of who or where you can go to get help then please come to me and I will help put you in touch with the correct people. 

What can I do if I’m not happy with your provision for my child?  

I would like to feel that you would come to me with any problem you may have and we can work together to resolve any issues. I will try my best to adapt my home/planning to meet your child’s and you needs.  If after consulting with me you care still unhappy have a complaints procedure to follow. All parents are emailed a copy of my policies and procedures upon signing contracts. I have a paper copy of my complaint procedure always available for you to view at any time. I also display the Ofsted parent’s poster in the hallway with a phone number on if you feel you cannot come to me. 

How can I arrange a visit to your setting? What is involved?  

If you would like to arrange to visit me my contact details are available on the BCP Council Family Information Directory where you will be able to see my name, the area I live, phone number and email address. There is also some information about me. My qualifications some personal information. There is detail of my opening times and the facilities I can offer and any send experience or expertise I have. You can also go onto the Ofsted website to search for me to view a copy of my latest inspection. From this you are able to contact me if you feel I may be suitable to care for your child. We can talk to discuss things and you will be invited to come around to meet me and view my childminding setting. 

Are your staff DBS Approved?
Do you have a First Aid Policy?
Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Recognised As (Scheme):
2 Year Old Early Education Provider
30 Hours Free Childcare Provider
Tax Free Childcare Provider
3 & 4 Year Old Early Education Provider