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Poole Communities Trust - Let's Talk Moor

Let's Talk Moor is a community project based in Turlin Moor, Poole. We work with local residents to help them develop improved community facilities.

 During 2016/17, we spent time asking local people what would make their community better. Their highest priorities were:

  • Improvements to children's play parks.
  • More safe/organised activities for young people, especially under 11s, after school and during holidays.
  • More opportunities to participate in sport / physical activity (for all ages).
  • A skatepark for young people.
  • More social and leisure activities for older people.

  • A space where local people can come together, meet friends and access activities.

  • Better access to advice and support around children, work and training, money and budgeting, housing and benefits.

  • Local healthcare facilities, especially a pharmacy.

Turlin Moor has a high proportion of young people and families, and many of their priorities reflect this. As a result of our work, a group of local residents has formed as Play Moor Skate Moor to pursue improvements to the children's play park at the top of Foreland Road and the introduction of a skate park. We are now supporting the group to help make this happen.

We are also pursuing other opportunities to help the local community achieve their aspirations.

Near Turlin Moor Youth Centre
Turlin Road
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