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Cadman, Mrs Deborah

My name is Debbie and I am 43 years old and we live in the Canford Heath area. I am an accredited advanced plus childminder which means I can offer funding to 2, 3&4 year olds. I am married and have a young son. We have a large garden which has recently been developed with growing areas, digging areas and a woodwork area. We also have a large summer house which we use for activities outdoors and a conservatory which offers free flow around the garden and house. I encourage lots of outdoor play and we go out every day. I have worked and trained in childcare since leaving school and have managed different settings from nursery to pre-school and feel children need to be made to feel at home straight away. The kind of environment I would be offering is a happy stimulating and fun time so that this will encourage their learning so they will feel confident and thrive.. We live very close to Canford Heath First and Middle school and also Cuddles which is a 5 minute walk from our home. We have a local library and park 10 minutes walking distance away. There are lots of lovely walks around the area which we live and we are close to lots of different amenities and we also have a 7 seater people carrier car which means I am able to take the children out to different places for visits. I hold the following certificates: First Aid, Basic Food Hygiene, Safeguarding Children, Every Child a Talker, Advanced Behaviour Management, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Healthy Eating, NVQ4 Qualification in Children's Learning Care and Development. I have also been trained to use Signalong which is a children's sign language which you may have seen on the television with Mr Tumble. I will be dedicated to the care and development of the children in my care and the children's play experiences will be based around their developmental needs so they can learn through play following the early years foundation stage framework which is a legal requirement for all childcare providers, these will be based on the six main areas of learning.

Canford Heath
BH17 8PU
07818 081381
07818 081381
Childcare Type:
Provision Type:
Overall limit on childcare numbers:
Eligible to take 2, 3 & 4 Year Old Entitlement
Outdoor Play Area/Garden
Separate Sleeping Area
Visits and Outings
Car Parking
Times Available:
Monday 07:30-18:00
Tuesday 07:30-18:00
Wednesday 07:30-18:00
Thursday 07:30-18:00
Friday 07:30-18:00
All Year Round
From 0 years  3 months to 11 years  0 months.
Contact provider directly for costs
Other Costs:
Term time contracts all year contracts and holiday contracts available Reduction for siblings discussed individually with parents. Can provide term time only contracts. Unsociable hours rates apply. Overnight care rates apply. Breakfast and after school rates apply. Accredited to provide 2 3&4 year old funding
Immediate Vacancies
Vacancy Information:
1 vacancy all day Friday i also have before and after school spaces available 
No of vacancies:
This provider collects from these schools:
Longspee Academy
Canford Heath Infant School
Canford Heath Junior School
Special Provisions:
Visual impairment
Languages Spoken:

SEN and Disabilities Service Description

How do you communicate with the parent / carer whose child has SEND?

In the first instance parents can contact me on 07818 081381 or email me on and request my prospectus. 

This may then lead to an informal initial visit to chat and find out more about one another. If the family are happy then another meeting would be set up where more would be discussed regarding the children’s needs. If they then wish to take a place another meeting will take place to sign all necessary paperwork and a start date will be discussed. I am however flexible and happy for parents to visit more often dependent on the needs of child but these would be discussed on an individual basis. I would ensure I have all knowledge and background information for each individual which may even mean discussion with other professionals as I would want to offer the best and good quality childcare. 

I use what is called the online baby days system where parents will receive daily notes and photos and always be able to see their children’s progress and observations in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. They are also able to share pictures comments with me if they want to. There is always opportunity to discuss anything on arrival or departure of the child unless it would take too much time and then a more mutual time can easily be made. Parent consultations are done on a 6 monthly basis or 3 monthly basis dependent on parents’ wishes and the child’s needs. I do regular newsletters outlining topics we might be looking at giving ideas for home and also updating different information or just advising on different things. Parents can also Whatsapp, email or quick message me securely through the secure baby days system. 

Parents share their feedback on parent consultation forms and are given opportunities to comment and share photos on the baby days system. I also send out parent feedback questionnaires so parents have the opportunity to offer feedback on my childcare. 

How do you help children settle into your setting?

I am the designated SENCO and work on my own most of the time or with my husband with all the children which attend. I offer settling in sessions and sometimes stay and play sessions before a child is due to start. I ensure all children are respected, valued and treated equally. I offer good quality childcare with a good learning environment. Parents are asked to fill out a baseline assessment initially so I have an idea where their child’s development is and after the children have been in for 6 weeks this is assessed by me and discussed with the parents alongside a settling in report.  

What help and support does your setting offer to children with SEND as they move rooms or move on to school?

I will ensure good working partnerships to ensure a child will receive the best care possible when they move on. I will liaise with other settings alongside the parents offering my professionalism and knowledge regarding that child. I will pass on progress reports and any other relevant information with the permission of parentsI will regularly liaise with outside professionals as and when needed to ensure the best environment and education for the child. 

How do you find out how each child likes to learn?

I use my knowledge and training and also track the children’s learning progress in their learning journals. I will observe what the children do to understand how they like to play and learn so I can extend their learning through things they like to do. If I feel a child has specific needs this will then be discussed with parents if parents do not already have their own concerns. It maybe that this becomes more obvious with gaps in their learning journals and will provide more evidence to receive support. With any concerns it is best to get advice and support from Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Borough childcare officers and health visitors initially with parents agreement and they can help sign post us in the right directions to outside agencies for support.  

I will be observing and linking observations to their learning journals to ensure I am meeting the developmental needs of the child. These will also be accompanied by working on next steps and strategies of how we can continue to move the child’s development forward. Progress is monitored regularly and adapted to the needs of individual child.  

I will ensure that at all times I provide a good stimulating environment for all children based on their individual needs. I will access support from Poole Borough who will give me ideas and strategies to support children with SEND. Action plans will be put into place support children with additional needs and these will be regularly reviewed with parents. I will also liaise with outside agencies as and when needs to ensure good partnerships ensuring that the utmost needs of the child are met 

Inclusive practice / SEND training and expertise within this organisation

I have lots of knowledge and have done lots of training over a course of many years whilst working in childcare. These include: NVQ4 in children’s care and learning, SENCo training, Persona doll training, Capturing the perspectives of a child, Foundation part 1and part 2 Singalong training, promoting emotional wellbeing, active learning through play, positive approaches to challenging behaviour, Sen and Inclusion part 2, Assessment and observation, Safeguarding, nutrition in early years, Spiral training, Characteristics of learning, ECAT, First aid, letters and sounds, starting out and higher level safeguarding.  

Indoors I have tried to make my home as accessible as possible within reason as it is my home to ensure I can offer a good environment for children with additional needs. There may be some circumstances that I may not be able to accommodate a child with SEND however this is why initial needs would be assessed before the child was to attend my setting. I would want to be certain I could meet all the needs of the child or this would not be fair to anyone involved.

Outdoors the area is flat with a range of activities on offer and lots of sensory experiences around the garden. 

Trips out of the setting we do quite a lot and all outings are risk assessed and this would be continued to ensure environments are suitable for all children involved. 

If needed I would try to attend appointments with the parents if possible, which also offers support to the parents and child. I would share my knowledge with professionals and hopefully get advice and support to meet the child’s needs further. I would ensure regular updates and meetings with parents and all involved in the child’s care monitoring progression and ensuring all aims are achievable. 

Experts and professionals include Childcare officers, ELAT from the Borough of Poole, health visitors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, Paediatricians, Portage, nurses and many more. 

I would do regular consultations with parents ensuring they have a good understanding of my aims for the child. Everything would be done with parental permission and support of the parents. All information would be recorded to share with relevant professionals.  

The information in this SEND Local Offer was completed on 27/05/2021

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2 Year Old Early Education Provider
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