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Another Planet Audio Adventure - Forest Arts Centre

An audio adventure for an adult and child (7+) to experience together wherever you like!

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel through space? When you buy a ticket for Another Planet we'll mail you a package containing everything you'll need to create your own interplanetary adventure. We need the bravest galactic explorers for a mission to investigate Another Planet and find out if humans could survive there!

All you'll need to do is to download an audio track, and visit a nearby green public space to experience the adventure. You'll collect important scientific samples, dodge alien invasions and delve deep underground to discover more about the mysterious planet you land on. Audio guide Astrid the Galaxy Hopper will take you on your mission as you boldly go where no child has gone before.

01425 612393
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Times Available:
Saturday 29 May 2021, 3pm and 3:30pm.
School Holiday Only
From 7 years  to 99 years .
£10 per pack.
Booking Information:
Once you book you will receive a ‘Galac Pack’ in the post and a link to download an audio file. You will need a smartphone or other device to play the audio file. We recommend using two pairs of headphones and a splitter to listen together on one device. Need a splitter provided? The Gramophones have a limited number that can be included in your Galac Pack. Details will be provided via email after booking.