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Shared Care Scheme - BCP Council

Shared care is a scheme which provides care in a home environment for a child or young person with a disability.

Looking after a child or young person with a disability can be enormously rewarding and if you have a minimum of one weekend a month and time during school holidays, shared care could be for you.

Shared care foster carers are recruited and approved in the same way as any other foster carer and receive allowances, training and support through the Shared Care scheme in the same way. Any requirement for special equipment will be assessed as part of this process.

If you would like to find out more and think this could be you, then simply either fill in our online form or call us on 0800 009 3084.

Town Hall
Bourne Avenue
0800 0093084
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Area coverage
BCP Area
Times Available:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
All Year Round
From 2 years  to 18 years .
No costs to parents.
Special Provisions:
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Physical Disability
Behaviour, Emotional & Social Difficulty
Referral Criteria:
Via Social Services
Via GP or other health professional

SEN and Disabilities Service Description

The service offers children with assessed disabilities the option of respite with Shared Carers, in their own home.

This gives their parents/carers a break and the child different opportunities which may not be available to them at home.

SEN and Disabilities Eligibility

Access to Shared Care is dependent on an assessment by the child's allocated Social Worker and whether they meet the criteria for and require a referral to Shared Care.

Once a young person turns 18 they are no longer able to access Shared Care services.

SEN and Disabilities Access

There is no self referral process, referrals come directly through professionals.

SEN and Disabilities Transition

The Shared Care service is available to young people assessed as eligible for as long as they require the support, or as long as their families require the support. The service will cease when the young person turns 18.

Young people transitioning from children's to adults' services will be assessed for alternative adult provision to be in place once they are 18.

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