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What to do if your child is being bullied or bullying others?

Bullying - advice for parents

If your child is being bullied, don't panic. Listen, stay calm and reassure your child that the situation can get better when action is taken.

Visit the Anti-Bullying Information Tool for Parents for advice on what to do to help your child if they are being bullied or if they have been accused of bullying others.

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign have created a Guide for Parents & Carers which includes useful information on recognising the signs of bullying, how to support your child if they are being bullied, the role and responsibility of your child’s school and advice on how to help your child restore their confidence and self-esteem.

Visit the Protecting Children page of the FID for further Anti-Bullying information and links to Anti-Bullying websites.

23 October 2019