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Recruitment to SEND Posts - Dorset CCG update

Associate Designated Clinical Officer

Following the Peer review within BCP it was highlighted that the CCG hadn’t allocated enough resource to the role of DCO to cover such a wide area and large population that we have here in Dorset.  I am pleased to say the CCG took this advice seriously and made money available to recruit to an assistant to help me out.  We recruited and I am pleased to say we found an excellent person who is due to start with us in a couple of months time.  Watch this space for more information later and I look forward to introducing them to you all soon.

Autism Practitioners

These people support and advise families as they go through the tricky business of an assessment for Autism.  Families have regularly reported to us how helpful it is having these people to support them and how useful it was to have someone with the knowledge of the process and of what local support is out there whilst they are going through the process.  So it came as quite a blow when both these people found new jobs at the same time!  We quickly reviewed the posts and went out to advert.  Listening to some of the difficulties the previous post holders had we decided to split the role from two full time posts to three part time posts, with each post sitting in each service that offers the assessment (Poole Hospital, Dorset County Hospital and Dorset Healthcare), that way each person can focus on the service they will be based in rather than having to work across different organisations. 

All three of these posts have been filled with some very experienced and skilled people, I hope to introduce you to each of these soon as well!

Steve Clarke - Senior Programme Lead (DCO for SEND) – Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group. 

21 August 2020