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Bullying advice for parents with children and young people with SEND (special educational needs or disabilities)

Bullying advice

How can I help my child if they are being bullied?

General advice about bullying can be found in our BCP Council Family Information Directory. There is also a resource providing advice about Bullying and children with special educational needs and disabilities here

The Anti-Bullying Alliance and the Council for Disabled Children recognise that children with SEND may be more likely to experience cyberbullying, and less likely to know what to do should they experience it. They have spoken to young people with disabilities about the internet, cyberbullying and staying safe online. You can watch their films here to see their tips for staying safe online. There are also useful links for supporting children with autism and children who are deaf.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance has a lot of advice for parents and All Together Against Bullying has a particular focus on SEND.

Help can also be found here if your child with a disability is experiencing bullying.


What should I do if I feel bullied by a fellow parent or another adult?

If this relates to bullying or friendship issues between children, where parents have then become involved on school grounds, this is an issue for the school. The school will have a good idea about what is going on between the children and where this may have led to a falling out between parents. If this is taking place on the school grounds, you should contact one of the senior leaders at the school. Every school not only has a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and deputies but also a member of staff who is an Anti-bullying Champion. So, any of these people would be able to help you.  

If, however this is bullying or harassment that takes place in the community and is potentially at a criminal level, then the police or community safety team should be contacted.

If you feel you are experiencing workplace bullying, then you can find advice at

The national bullying helpline relates to bullying to both children and adults They have a phone line and parents and carers can call to talk to someone about their experiences.  

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8 July 2020