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Christchurch Children's Centres

Christchurch Children’s Centres are part of the Family Partnership Zone (FPZ).  The Family Partnership Zone is part of our whole family offer for early help. Support provided is aimed at families who may be struggling and need more help.

Services and support offered at each Children's Centre may differ, but could include: 

  • parenting advice, support and information
  • home visits for families
  • play and learn sessions to help you support your child’s development
  • groups for parents of children with additional needs
  • breastfeeding groups
  • access to a range of health services
  • information and advice about how to improve your skills and find work
  • advice for young parents
  • information on financial and housing matters
  • groups for dads
  • advice on staying healthy, including nutrition, weaning and stopping smoking
  • links to childcare providers and advice about help paying for childcare
  • support with the effects of domestic abuse