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Busy Bodies Pre-School

We are community based and non-profit making organisation, which means all money will go directly back into the pre-school for your child. This ethos enables us to offer high quality early education without passing on the additional costs to the parents, therefore every child will receive high quality education despite their family’s financial situation. An important part of our preschool is the intergenerational work, that we do with three different care homes, this supports our children to learn respect for others and supports all their personal and social skill that they require to become confident communicators. These are skills that will be used into their adult lives. We provide a warm, caring environment in which every child can feel secure and nurtured, we develop positive relationships, not only with the child but the whole family. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and welcoming to all the community and reflect this in our celebrations. We work closely with St Aldhelms church. The children will become very comfortable with the church environment, often visiting for coffee morning to sing a few songs with the local community. We are passionate about supporting all children to their full potential by a joyful play-based environment as this is how children learn and develop best. We offer a high staff to child ratio and our staff team are highly qualified. Our environment reflects our children’s interests and personal needs and is often tweaked for this purpose. We welcome parents or carers to visit our pre-school and it is encouraged to drop in anytime with or without an appointment as we would like you to see a true representation of a day in life of Busy Bodies.
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Venue/Contact Details
The Branksome St Aldhelms Centre
The Branksome St Aldhelms Centre
401 Poole Road
BH12 1AD
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Childcare type
Pre-School Playgroup
Provision type
  • Childcare on Non-Domestic Premises
Overall limit on childcare numbers
Eligible to take 2, 3 & 4 year old entitlement
  • Computers
  • Nappies Provided
  • Outdoor Play Area / Garden
  • Separate Sleeping Area
  • Visits and Outings
  • Car Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Accessible Toilet
  • Refreshments / Snacks
Times and Costs
Opening times:
Monday 08:00-15:30, Tuesday 08:00-15:30, Wednesday 08:00-15:30, Thursday 08:00-13:00, Friday 08:00-15:30
  • School Term Time Only
Cost per hour: £5.00, Cost per session: £37.50
Other Costs:
We provide the 30 hours childcare at no additional cost to the parents/carers £5.00 per hour Term time only contracts. Breakfast club runs from 8am or 8:30am this is priced at £5 or £2:50 and includes breakfast these hours are additional to Early educational funding
Ages, Booking Details and Referral Information
From 2 years to 5 years
Referral route:
  • Self Referral
Referral process:
  • Initial contact should be made by telephone or in person- The Branksome St Aldhelm Centre, 401 Poole Rd, Branksome.
Vacancies and School Pick Ups / Drop Offs
Immediate vacancies
Vacancy information
As of 10th November 2021 we have available Mon 14 Tues 12 Wed 12 Thurs 16 Fri 14
Number of vacancies
Ofsted URN
Last Inspection Judgement
Last Inspection Date
Religious and Additional Needs Provision
Additional needs supported:
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Behaviour, Emotional & Social Difficulty
  • Learning Difficulty
  • Multi-Sensory Impairment
  • Speech, Language & Communication Needs
  • Toileting & Hygiene
Languages spoken
  • English
Religious / cultural provision:
religious ethos with the Church of England.
Special dietary provision
Vegetarian, Wheat free, Sugar free and Dairy free
SEND Local Offer SEND

1 What systems and strategies do you have in place to identify children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)?

On our registration form we ask if you or your child have any additional needs so that we can start talking to you straight away about additional support that may be needed. Once your child starts with us they will be allocated a key person who will be available to answer any concerns you may have about your child's development and they will also liaise with you if the setting has any concerns once they have observed your child within the setting.

We observe all children whilst they are with us at Busy Bodies and if we notice that a child is not where we would expect them to be for the age or stage of their development we will carry out more detailed observations, talk to you and seek additional support and advice if appropriate. In the past we have consulted with Health visitors, Outreach workers, Speech and Language specialist, portage, Borough of Poole Early Learning and Inclusion Team.

We have a named SENCo within the setting who has experience with children who have had additional needs and has helped their transition into school.


2 How will you support my child?

Initially your child will be supported by their key person with the support of the SENCo ascertaining their next step and writing a plan.

They will work with your child every session with more focused support as decided on their individual plan. Additional support from outside agencies will be sought if appropriate.


3. How will you communicate effectively with me?

Throughout this process the key person and/or the SENCo will liaise with you to keep you fully informed of what we plan to do next.


4. How will the teaching and learning be matched to my child's needs?

All children are unique therefore all our teaching is tailored to individual needs. We start with the child finding out their stage of development and their interests. We talk to parents about what their child does at home and carry out observations to plan children's next steps.

For children with SEND we seek support from the Borough of Poole Early Learning and Inclusion team as appropriate. This could be in the form of borrowing toys/equipment, ask them to come and observe a child (with parental permission), an additional support worker mentors the staff to name a few ways they support us. We monitor all children mainly using the Early Years Foundation Stage to make sure all children are making progress.

5. How will you know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child's learning?

We will know how well your child is doing by observing and monitoring them, making sure they are making progress. We will have regular meetings with you to let you know how we are helping your child and what activities you can to at home to support your child's learning.

These may be planned appointments or ad hoc meetings to let you know something that has happened during that day. If you do not always drop off or pick up your child we can make alternative arrangements to keep you informed ie a day book.

6. What support will you provide for my child's overall wellbeing?

We are a caring and nurturing Pre-School where a child's overall wellbeing is paramount. We teach children to interact with each other and how to become resilient. We help them deal with their emotions whether they are sad, angry or happy letting them know it is ok to have these emotions and why they are feeling them.

We help make our children as independent and confident as they can be so they are ready for school. We also work in partnership with parents in order that they feel confident to tell us if anything is happening at home that might have an impact on their child's wellbeing i.e new baby, moving house, personal issues etc.


7. What specialist services and expertise are available?

We are able to access support from the LA Early Learning Inclusion Team, Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychology and children centres as and when required. We would talk to you about your views throughout any support we feel would benefit your child.


8. What training do you have or are you receiving to support children with SEND?

We have a named SENCo who has experience of helping children with additional needs and she attends any training that is relevant to her role and would seek additional training if appropriate.


9. How will you include my child in activities outside the setting, including trips?

We make sure that any activities or trips outside of the setting is available to all children. We would increase our normal ratios for outings if this was appropriate.

We would liaise with you to let you know what we were planning. We always do a risk assessment before any outing or activity outside the setting takes place.


10. How accessible and welcoming is your setting?

Everyone is welcome at Busy Bodies and the building itself is very accessible for wheelchairs and we have a disabled toilet and changing area. We are very approachable from the very first phone call and are always available to help.

We can access services if a parents' first language is not English or if you use another form of communication. If another Parent speaks your first language we can introduce you to each other if that is appropriate.

11. How will you prepare and support my child to join the setting or to transfer to another setting/school?

We would encourage you and your child to come and meet us and look at our environment prior to being offered a place so that any questions and or concerns can be answered. We have a teddy bears picnic in the summer to welcome all the children starting in September again so that you can meet us and the other children who are joining us.

We ask you to fill in a registration form which has a section where you can tell us about any health issues and/or additional needs. If appropriate we can visit you at home prior to your child starting with us. When it is time for your child to move onto school we would liaise closely with their school and involve you in this process. We would pass on all the relevant information to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

12. How much support will my child receive and how are decisions made?

As with all children at Busy Bodies your child will receive as much support as they need. Initially the key person will observe and plan for your child and then they will work with the SENCo to plan the next steps for your child. This may be to write a support plan which will be done alongside yourself.

The key person with the support of the SENCo with monitor progress to ensure any input is having a positive impact on their learning. The key person and SENCo will be available at any time to discuss progress.

13. Who can I contact for further information about my child?

Initially you can talk to the Key person, who will show you your child's learning journal and/or the SENCo will always be happy to liaise with you.


14. What can I do if I'm not happy with your provision for my child?

Hopefully as we keep you fully informed of everything we plan to do at each stage anything you are not happy with can be sorted out and discussed then with the Key person and the SENCo.

We will always listen and seek additional help and support if needed. However if you find that you are still not happy with our provision for your child we have a complaints policy and procedure in place whereby the Manager would be the next person to speak to. 15. How can I arrange a visit to your setting? What is involved?

If you would like to come and meet us please either email us at or give us a ring on 07979 333351 we can then make a mutually convenient appointment.

Are your staff DBS Approved?
Do you have a First Aid Policy?
Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Recognised as:
  • 2 Year Old Early Education Provider
  • 30 Hours Free Childcare Provider
  • 3 and 4 Year Old Early Education Provider
  • Tax Free Childcare Provider