Support for children aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Local Offer Health

This section provides details of health services across Dorset with links to their websites. You can find information about how they work and how they might be able to support you and/or your child or young person with SEND.

Services are grouped into three levels:

  • Services for all (universal services) are available for everyone and do not need a referral, they include GPs, dentists and hospitals.
  • Targeted services are for those who may be having difficulties with an area of their health or who are at risk of developing difficulties. These services may need a referral from a GP, health professional or other agency.
  • Specialised services are for those with severe or complicated health needs. These services will need a referral from a GP, health professional or other agency.

A Designated Clinical Officer for SEND (DCO) and an Associate Designated Clinical Officer for SEND (ADCO) work with, and support, health providers, NHS Dorset, BCP Council and Dorset Council. They help them meet their statutory responsibilities as set out in the SEND Code of Practice (under the Children’s and Families Act 2014). 

Find out more about the DCO and the ADCO here.

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Doctors (GP's) and dentists
Hospital and health emergency services
Health visiting and school nursing
Health authorities
Mental health and wellbeing information
Hearing and vision services
Specialist aids, equipment and adaptions
Therapy services
Paediatric services
Continence service
Hospices and palliative care
Children's continuing care
Preparing for adulthood/transitions in health
Health feedback
Autism, ADHD and neurological conditions
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Keeping healthy
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