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By simply talking with one another, men can improve their mental health. It helps to give permission and an opportunity to do this, Light On gives men permission and an opportunity to do this.

"It's time to create the new norm, by asking people to step forward & show their strength in starting to talk about mental health."

The overwhelming feedback from our research has been a need to enable the challenging of typical male traits the understanding and ambition are there, but the how to change the norm is required.

Men's mental health is in crisis with 1 in 8 men in the UK, admitting to suffering from mental issues, suicide being the number one cause of death for men under 45. The sad fact is, in studies conducted over 10 years,, show that men are aware of their mental struggles but societal taboos and stigma lead to suffering in silence.

Early intervention requires reaching those not currently in contact with services and developing confidence in a new normal of support and sharing. This is where we need an active body of people showing strength, leading the way in openness and change.

By allowing these negative aspects to be considered the norm, men feel they need to pack away treatable mental health difficulties, often hiding them from the light.

Our five year campaign

  • Building - A group for change across Dorset, talking about mental health and promoting open conversation as a new normal. People will experience this change at home, in their social life, in their workplace and across the community.
  • Mental Wellbeing - A host of positive tips, tools, interviews and events to develop a long-term understanding of our mental health journey. Creating wellbeing in yourself and others to develop resilience and support for life's challenges.
  • Together -A shared action and awareness group across businesses, charities, community groups and the public sector under an instantly recognisable brand. We aim to change 'normal' by engaging with people in their communities, supported by their people. 
  • Our aim is to shine a light on mental health across all of areas of Dorset, will you turn your Light on?
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