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Nannies and home carers

Nannies and home carers are employed by parents to care for children at home and can be suitable for parents who need flexible childcare, who have a large family or have a child with a disability.

The minimum age of a nanny or home childcarer is 18.

Qualifications and Ofsted registration

Although some nannies and home carers have nursery nurse or childcare qualifications, this is not a requirement. Some nannies and home carers choose to join the Ofsted voluntary childcare register but they don't have to.

Parents are responsible for interviewing and checking the registration and references of nannies and home carers.

Working hours

Nannies often work 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 dyas a week.

Live-in nannies will have their own space in your home. Day nannies will work to your required hours. Although both will work agreed hours, a live-in nanny may be more flexible if your requirements change at short notice.


A nanny or home carers responsibility is to meet the needs of your child. Typical duties include:

  • educational activities such as teaching your child a second language
  • homework assistance
  • arranging play-dates and social schedules
  • planning children’s extracurricular activities
  • driving children to activities
  • ensuring children’s bedrooms are clean and tidy
  • washing and ironing the children’s clothes
  • preparing meals and snacks for the children
  • keeping parents informed of developmental progress
Costs of employing a nanny or home carer

The cost of employing a nanny will vary depending on whether the nanny lives in or not, how many hours they work and what other duties they perform.

When you hire a nanny you become an employer, and you will have to pay tax and national insurance for your employee.

Find a nanny or home childcarer

The Family Information Directory lists some local nanny agencies. You can also visit