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Managing Anxiety for Young People (MAYP) online programme

The ‘Managing Anxiety for Young People’ programme is a 10-week internet-based course, that was developed with and for young people. The course is delivered in school, to students in groups of 4, working on individual laptops/PCs, supported by a member of school staff. The programme uses information and activities to help young people manage their worries, by exploring the links between their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Using this programme, young people learn to manage stress and overcome worry by developing their ‘mental toolbox’. The programme takes them step by step through recognising key features of anxiety, learning more about how the mind and body respond to stress, and practising skills to help them deal with difficulty. They learn how to observe their own thoughts and emotions, practice mindfulness and relaxation, and even learn to manage panic attacks; setting themselves up to better handle worry, stress and anxiety in future years and into adulthood.

Please watch the 4 minute video in the following link, for more information: