Support for children aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Multi-sensory Impairment

Children and young people with multi-sensory impairment (MSI) have impairments of both sight and hearing. Many children also face other challenges, such as medical conditions or physical disabilities. A very small number of children and young people with MSI are totally blind and deaf, but most have some useful vision and/or hearing.

Requests for involvement from the Hearing Support Service and Vision Support Service follow a medical referral. Assessments are made to inform the level of involvement.

General information, guidance and sign-posting for parents and carers who have been told that their child has multi-sensory impairment, or who are in the process of getting a diagnosis is available here. Please see the document titled Information about multi-sensory impairment listed under Helpful Publications. This resource provides information about:

  • What is multi-sensory impairment?
  • How this will affect you and your child
  • Where to go for further support and information
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