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Oral Health - Start for Life

One area of your toddler’s health which is very important is good oral health. This is because evidence shows us that poor oral health is linked to poorer health overall. Therefore, having a healthy diet, controlling the amount of sugar your toddler is given and good oral health helps ensure your toddler grows and develops in a way which meets their potential.

At this age it is important to start getting them use to seeing a dentist - a good place to start is by using the NHS find a dentist search to see what is located near you. In addition, your local health visiting team can support and discuss healthy eating.

Let's move on to brushing. It is important to brush your child’s teeth as soon as they start to come through, ideally last thing at night, after the last milk drink, and again at one other time during the day. For a child aged up to two years a smear of toothpaste containing 1000ppm of fluoride should be used. From three to five years a pea sized amount of toothpaste should be used, to help strengthen them against decay. It is recommended to brush their teeth for two minutes - this video can make brushing teeth with your toddler fun: