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Things to do to help you get on better

There are many things we can do to improve communication and reduce stress when we are trying to talk to our partner, or ex-partner. These may be achieved fairly easily with just a few adjustments!

Here are some top tips to try:

  • Try and spend more quality time togetherthis might be watching your favourite programme on TV with your grandparents, or having a regular date night with your partner.
  • Choose the right time to address things: waiting for a quiet time in the evening may be more preferable than during a busy school run. 
  • Tell your partner how a situation makes you feel and try to listen and show you understand their point of view. 
  • Consider and ask each other’s views: be willing and open to compromise. 
  • Listen to each other’s views without interrupting each other; one voice at a time.
  • Make sure everyone has an opportunity to voice their view: provide time for the other person to respond to what has been said, wait and listen. 
  • Communication really is key: celebrate things you agree on and use this in future discussions.

The following resources are available to help and support you, when you need it most, within your relationship. They offer information and guidance on how to improve and communicate better:

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