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Healthy relationships: getting on better

Happy home, happy adults, happy children

Relationships are tricky and experience ups and downs. They can change over time and can be impacted by life’s events. You may often find it hard to talk to your partner, or ex-partner, and may find it difficult to resolve disagreements about things such as parenting your children, spending money, chores around the home, who sees the children and when, or added life pressures. All of this can cause family life to be unhappy.

If this is happening with you, your partner, or ex-partner, whether you are living together or not, it is more likely that your child will become upset, anxious or angry and this may be reflected in their behaviour or attitude towards you, your partner, or ex-partner.

Wherever you are in your parenting journey and relationship journey, we have information and tools to help you learn how to cope with stress and communicate better. By exploring the links below, you will find advice and guidance on how to improve things, information about how your relationship with your partner, or ex-partner, may be impacting on your children, or where to get further help and support.

This support is available for all families regardless of your child, or young person's age.   

Support for inter-parental conflict project (SIPCO)

If you have a child between the age of eight and 14 years old and are experiencing parental conflict  you can be supported through a new research project called the Tavistock Project.

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